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00:07.690 –> 00:12.750
I think the key to my success was getting
comfortable with online courses because

00:12.750 –> 00:15.750
once you do the first one, you
understand how everything works

00:15.750 –> 00:18.710
trying to figure out the different
modules, the different tabs,

00:18.710 –> 00:20.630
where your grades are
going to be posted,

00:20.630 –> 00:24.260
how to connect with the professor. It
definitely takes that first opportunity

00:24.260 –> 00:27.770
to learn how to do it.
After that, it’s simple.

00:27.770 –> 00:34.210
You need to be driven and have good
time management. I think online courses

00:34.210 –> 00:39.500
are ideal for the student who likes to do
things on campus and likes to have jobs,

00:39.500 –> 00:43.040
and likes to have internships, and for
the student who knows how to manage

00:43.040 –> 00:46.760
all that. Because when you’re busy and
you’re like, “Okay, I only have that two

00:46.760 –> 00:50.900
hours,” you’re going to watch that lecture
then, and you can definitely balance it

00:50.900 –> 00:55.220
all. So you need to really look at
yourself and say, “Okay, am I going

00:55.220 –> 00:59.490
to have the time to go and sit in all of
these classes? Is that what I want to do?

00:59.490 –> 01:03.980
Or would it really help me branch out
and educate myself outside the classroom

01:03.980 –> 01:08.150
to maybe pick up a few extracurricular
and grab one online class to make up for

01:08.150 –> 01:08.990
that time.

01:08.990 –> 01:14.270
The qualities of a successful online
student are: a student that’s responsible,

01:14.270 –> 01:18.930
very good with time management, and is
open to a new opportunity. Of turning in

01:18.930 –> 01:24.260
assignments, of taking an online test
instead of a paper pencil test in class,

01:24.260 –> 01:28.860
and really just a great opportunity
to interact with their professors,

01:28.860 –> 01:33.120
interact with their colleagues in their
classes in a different way, that they can

01:33.120 –> 01:34.870
freely express themselves.

01:34.870 –> 01:38.610
You’re very dependent on yourself. If
you’re taking a video stream class,

01:38.610 –> 01:44.110
you need to make sure you watch it. You
need to check your myUCF everyday for

01:44.110 –> 01:47.840
posted assignments because there isn’t
that person saying, remember that you

01:47.840 –> 01:51.530
have to do this. But at the same time,
when you’re in a regular classroom,

01:51.530 –> 01:55.100
teachers just put the assignments on
the syllabus and you’re responsible for

01:55.100 –> 01:58.250
keeping up to date with that too.
So really, a lot of it’s just the

01:58.250 –> 02:02.510
responsibility factor and there is a
little bit more in the online setting,

02:02.510 –> 02:06.490
but it’s a similar skill that you’ve
developed in your regular classes.

02:06.490 –> 02:10.960
Overall, to be successful in an online
course is the same as to be successful

02:10.960 –> 02:14.779
in any course. You have to be responsible
and you have to keep up with the work,

02:14.779 –> 02:19.559
and you have to put in the effort.