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The Mathematics PhD program prepares students with a broad base in pure, applied and industrial mathematics.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Mathematics is intended to provide a broad base in applied and industrial mathematics. The goal of the program is to produce students who will attain distinction in their fields of research. In order to achieve this, the program has required core courses as well as a set of electives providing cross-disciplinary subjects.

Students in the program can specialize in one of many aspects of mathematics, including Approximation Theory, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Big Data and Mathematical Statistics, Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, Control and Optimization, Differential and Symplectic Geometry, Fluid and Plasma Dynamics, Functional Analysis, Inverse and Ill-posed Problems, Machine Learning, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Finance, Nonlinear Waves and Nonlinear Dynamics, Numerical Analysis, Orthogonal Polynomials, Partial Differential Equations, Probability and Stochastic Analysis, and Tomography and Medical Imaging. Responding to this wide variety of interests, the program offers flexibility in the composition of the core courses as well as the candidacy examination. The program is comprehensive with opportunities for students to pursue research in a variety of disciplines.

The Mathematics PhD program consists of 75 credit hours of course work beyond the bachelor's degree. The program includes 12 credit hours of required courses, 12 credit hours of restricted electives in two 2-semester sequences, and 36 hours of unrestricted electives. Lastly, 15 credit hours of dissertation research (7980) are required. Courses taken as required courses and electives must include a minimum of 45 hours of formal course work exclusive of independent study, directed research, and internship.

Master en route is permitted and encouraged.

Total Credit Hours Required: 75 Credit Hours Minimum beyond the Bachelor's Degree

Application Deadlines

December 1
July 1
July 1
January 15

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