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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements - Music Education

  • The Music Education BME is an approved specialized admissions program.
  • Audition. To be accepted into Music Education, a student must demonstrate advanced proficiency by performing compositions representing a variety of musical periods (baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary).
  • Memorization is required for pianists and vocalists.
  • Accompanists are provided for vocalists only.
  • Each candidate must bring his/her own audition music.
  • The department will only provide large instruments such as a tuba, string, bass, or timpani for these auditions.
  • The audition will serve as a placement exam for accepted candidates.
  • Refer to the UCF Music Department website for specific audition requirements.
  • Prior to attending the first music class as a music major at UCF, all students will take a keyboard placement examination to determine the appropriate level of class piano.
  • Interview. In addition to a performance audition, students must successfully complete an interview with Music Education faculty.

Admission Requirements - Professional Program

  • Application into the Professional Program must be made at the conclusion of 45 hours of course work. Students must complete a formal application for the Professional Program. (Deadlines: February 15 for Fall semester admission and September 15 for Spring semester admission). Transfers may be admitted on an individual basis at the discretion of the Music Education faculty. To apply for the Music Education Professional Program, students must:
  • Complete 45 hours of coursework including: 15 hours of General Education Program courses, MUE 2040 or EDF 2005, MUT 2127, MVK 2122, MUS 2360C or EME 2040, MUE 4393, and second semester of Performance II.
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in each performance, education, and music education course.
  • Have on file in the University admissions office passing scores on the General Knowledge Test of the Florida Teacher Competency Examinations.
  • Provide satisfactory documentation and reflection on 15 hours of field experiences (See Music Education Coordinator for more information).

To be accepted into the Music Education Professional Program students must:

  • Demonstrate proficiency with aural skills (including the ability to match pitch with the voice) and communication skills (including the ability to write and speak effectively).
  • Complete MVK 2122, MUT 2127, and two semesters of Performance II.


  • (1) Students may not enroll in Performance III or Professional Program courses unless all requirements for admission are satisfied.
  • (2) Students who change degree programs and select this major must adopt the most current catalog.
  • (3) Common program prerequisites are subject to revision based on changes Section 1004.04, Florida Statutes, Public Accountability and State Approval for Teacher Preparation Programs, and State Board of Education Rule 6A-5.5.066, Approval of Pre-service Teacher Preparation Programs.
  • (4) This Music Education B.M.E. program has potential ties to professional licensure or certification in the field. For more information on how this program may prepare you in that regard, please visit

Degree Requirements

  • A cumulative minimum GPA of 3.00 based upon all courses required in the major as well as all courses taken in music is required. Failure to maintain this standard may result in program probation or dismissal. Please refer to the SPA Student Handbook ( for details on program standards.

This program prepares students for state-regulated professional licensure or certification. For more information on how this program may prepare you in that regard, please visit the licensure disclosure for the Music Education BME program.

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

May 1
November 1
March 1
July 1
November 1
March 1
March 1
September 1
January 1

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