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Program at a Glance

Undergraduate Certificate
College of Community Innovation and Education
Legal Studies
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The goal of the Technology and the Law Certificate is to provide students with an opportunity to study the intersection of law and technology. The certificate is designed for students who are interested in both the law and technology and it affords students to approach the material from either a law-centric or technology side. Either way, STEM students should come away with a greater appreciation of the regulatory and legal realities shaping their studies, and likewise, legal studies students will learn how some of the leading edge technological and scientific advances are requiring courts and lawmakers to reimagine the legal environment.

This 15-credit-hour certificate is earned through completion of one of two potential tracks. All certificate seeking students must complete two required courses after which they can complete 2 law and 1 STEM class for the law-centered track, or 2 STEM courses and 1 additional law class for the STEM-centered track

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