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The Rise of Fintech in Central Florida

As an emerging fintech hub, Orlando plays a vital role in the development and implementation of innovative technologies that are crucial to the world’s economy. Known as the epicenter for modeling, simulation and training, the region’s large pool of talent and top tech educational resources propel us forward. All of these factors combined create an environment where financial technology can thrive — from startup companies to large financial headquarters.

UCF has an integral part in helping the financial services industry grow and expand across the region. Through top programs that inspire academic excellence to cutting-edge research, we’re committed to developing a talented and technology-savvy workforce that will shape the future of fintech in Central Florida and beyond.

What is Fintech?

Fintech, or financial technology, entails the application of technological innovation in the financial services industry. Recent developments in technology and computer science have resulted in significant changes in many sectors of the financial services industry, enabling individuals and businesses to use products and services at a lower cost, with greater ease and convenience.

Technological innovations and advances facilitate the streamlining and delivery of financial services. Fintech is revolutionizing how quickly and cost-effectively financial services are delivered and is revolutionizing the banking and financial services industry’s workforce. This shift from the traditional financial system is changing the consumer experience as we know it.

The Future of Fintech is Here

Fintech is changing the landscape of how we do business. It’s one of the fastest growing — and most exciting — industries to be part of. Yet the ever-evolving nature of this industry makes it crucial for individuals to be early adopters of the latest technologies and services.

Today, an increasing number of fintech companies are calling Orlando home. Many factors are putting us on the map and helping us lead the charge in the future of financial innovation, including:

  • A business-friendly environment that supports businesses of any size
  • Growing tech sector
  • Large pool of talent who possess the industry knowledge and hands-on experience needed to succeed
  • Incubators like UCF’s Business Incubation Program that helps start-ups in their ventures

Orlando ranked No. 1 in Florida and No. 19 nationally among the best areas for STEM professionals by WalletHub.


Home to the third-largest cluster of insurance and banking companies in the U.S., Florida is hotbed of fintech innovation with high-demand for a skilled workforce.

Florida is the new home of fintech

Global Finance named Florida the new home of fintech in 2019.

Top 10

Anchored by UCF, Orlando is among the top ten fastest-growing tech hubs in the US, with a projected tech industry job growth of 27% by 2030

Careers in Fintech

Financial Analysts
  • 12.2% expected growth within the state by 2030
  • Hotspots: Tampa-St.Peterburg, Orlando and Miami-Dade metro areas
  • Average salary: $66,254
Blockchain Developers
  • 32% expected growth within the state by 2030
  • Hotspots: Tampa-St.Peterburg, Orlando and Miami-Dade metro areas
  • Average salary: $95,792
Cyberdefense Analysts
  • 33% expected growth within the state by 2030
  • Hotspots: Tampa-St.Peterburg, Orlando and Miami-Dade metro areas
  • Average salary: $93,350

Collegiate Cybersecurity Competition Team

UCF’s Collegiate Cybersecurity Team has won multiple national competitions. They apply their knowledge and skills to fend off live attacks from professional hackers and thwart simulated cyberattacks — beating out hundreds of other teams. In 2021 and 2022, they won the U.S. Department of Energy CyberForce Competition and the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

Check out the team and get involved.

UCF is the first in Florida to offer a master’s degree in fintech.

Explore the Fintech Program

photo of associate professor christo pirinsky

Faculty Spotlight: Christo Pirinisky

Cristo Pirinsky is an associate professor at the Department of Finance of the UCF College of Business and co-director of the fintech Program. He has conducted extensive research in the areas of corporate finance, behavioral finance and economics, and data analytics applications for financial decision-making.

One part of his research explores how cultural norms affect the structure of economic contracts, the formation of organizational culture and corporate policy more broadly. Another part examines the implications of economics institutions and technology for financial development. Pirinsky’s research has been published in top-tier academic journals, including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Corporate Finance, among others.

Fintech Degrees

As fintech continues to become prominent across the state, nationally and globally, there is high demand for a skilled workforce. UCF’s fintech degrees and certificates, as well as its supporting programs, ensure students build the employable technical skills needed to succeed in industry.

Undergrad Programs

Certificates and minors in fintech

Graduate Degrees

Florida’s first fintech master’s degree

Business Degrees

Top-ranked business programs

UCF Online Programs

Nationally recognized online analytics programs

Areas of Excellence

Innovation. Access. Impact. Our integrated approach to teaching and learning prepares students for the future of work and lifelong careers, making a difference in their communities and around the world.

Aerospace and Defense
Digital Arts and Entertainment
Hospitality and Tourism
Modeling and Simulation
Transportation Science