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College of Community Innovation and Education
Teacher Education, Schl of
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This program has temporarily suspended admission effective Fall 2020.

The Reading Education track in the Education PhD program is designed to provide further education for those aspiring to work in the area of education at the post-secondary level (four-year college and/or research university) or as a lead teacher/resource teacher for a school district. The program assumes prior study in reading education.

The program provides for an area of advanced study in the field of reading and a concentration in a closely related field. The program includes a strong research base through the research core and specialization course work and an internship during which a candidate gains professorial experience.

Students are required to have the equivalent of the Master of Education in Reading degree, 21 hours of graduate reading education credit, prior to entering the program. In the event that a student does not have 21 hours of graduate reading education credit, the student can be admitted to the program, but will be required to complete the 21 hours in addition to the required program hours.

The Reading Education track in the Education PhD program requires a minimum of 69 credit hours beyond the master's degree. Students must complete 24 credit hours of core courses, 15 credit hours of specialization courses, 9 credit hours of electives, 3-6 credit hours of internship, and 15 credit hours of dissertation. All students must also complete the candidacy examination.

Total Credit Hours Required: 69 Credit Hours Minimum beyond the Master's Degree

Application Deadlines

January 1
December 1

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