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College of Arts and Humanities
Modern Languages
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The B.A in French and Francophone Studies focuses on the study of languages, cultures and literatures in France and in the numerous countries where French is spoken, as the official or second language. It consists of 36 credit hours at the 3000 and 4000 level.

Placement in Modern Language courses is based on one year of high school language being equivalent to one semester of college work. For example, four years of high school French may place the student in the first semester of the third year. Native speakers, or students who have received advanced education in French-speaking societies, may not take lower division French courses. They can, with their advisor's consent, substitute other upper division level courses for FRE 3780 , FRE 3420, FRE 4422, FRE 3760, and FRE 4421.

Admission Requirements

  • None

Degree Requirements

  • Students who change degree programs and select this major must adopt the most current catalog.
  • 36 credits in French must be taken at the 3000 level or above in FRW, FRE, FRT and FOW courses.
  • At least six of the 36 French credits must be at the 4000 level.
  • Earn at least a "C" (2.0) in all courses.
  • Departmental Residency Requirement consists of at least 18 semester hours of regularly scheduled 3000-4000 level courses taken from the UCF Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.
  • Language credit by exam will not be given in courses lower in level than those in which students are presently enrolled.
  • Co-op or internship credit cannot be used in this major.
  • Students must see a French advisor to obtain proper counseling and have their schedule approved before registering for courses in their major.
  • Courses designated in Gen Ed Program and Common Program Prerequisites are usually completed in the first 60 hours.

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

May 1
November 1
March 1
July 1
November 1
March 1
March 1
September 1
January 1

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