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Program at a Glance

Graduate Certificate
College of Nursing
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The Graduate Certificate in Health Care Simulation prepares faculty, nurses, members of other healthcare disciplines, administrators and simulation and technology professionals to design, manage, evaluate healthcare simulations for basic education and improvement of team healthcare delivery.

Program Objectives

The program prepares students to:

  • Analyze social, economic, ethical cultural legal and political issues influence nursing and health practice in a global context
  • Collaborate with leaders in nursing and other disciplines to improve the quality of professional healthcare practice and the outcomes of care
  • Develop and implement innovative applications for simulation experiences in health care
  • Evaluate models of delivery of simulation in education and healthcare settings in terms of effectiveness
  • Evaluate the cost-benefit of the use of simulation in healthcare and education

The certificate program requires three courses, for a total of 9 credit hours.

Total Credit Hours Required: 9 Credit Hours Minimum beyond the Bachelor's Degree

This program has potential ties to professional licensure or certification in the field. For more information on how this program may prepare you in that regard, please view the licensure disclosure for the Health Care Simulation Graduate Certificate program.

Please note: Health Care Simulation Graduate Certificate may be completed fully online with some required campus activities. Newly admitted students choosing to complete this program exclusively via UCF online classes may enroll with a reduction in campus-based fees.

Out-of-state instructional limitations apply to this degree program.

Application Deadlines

July 1

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