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Program at a Glance

Undergraduate Certificate
College of Sciences
Pol, Scty & Intl Afrs, Schl of
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The Kurdish people are one of the largest ethnic groups forming large minorities in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and several European countries. They are also one of the largest ethnic groups without a state of their own in the world. Consequently, the Kurdish question remains one of the most salient trans-border issues in global politics. UCF is home to the nation's first and only academic entity dedicated to the study of Kurdish issues, the Kurdish Political Studies Program. Students who complete this certificate will develop an in-depth understanding and gain unique insights into various dimensions of Kurdish politics. This interdisciplinary certificate will contribute to intellectual growth, knowledge, and skillsets of students seeking careers in the government, academia, non-profit organizations, and private companies working on security and humanitarian issues.

Certificate Admission Requirements

  • None

Certificate Requirements

  • A grade of "C" (2.00) of better is required for a course to count towards the certificate.
  • Nine credit hours used towards the certificate must be earned at UCF. Exceptions may be made at program director's discretion.
  • At least one of the restricted electives must be at 3000 level or higher.
  • At least three credit hours used towards the certificate must come from courses taken within SPSIA (INR, CPO, POS, or POT prefixes).

Prerequisite Courses

Students must satisfy each course's prerequisites before enrolling in the class.

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