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The Bachelor of Fine Arts track in Design and Technology is offered for students who, upon graduation, plan to pursue a specialized career in professional theatre. It provides the student with a thorough foundation in theatre complemented by very structured and intensive career preparation in all areas of design and technology. Students can expect to work along side faculty as design or technical assistants in their first two years and will be given the opportunity for technical leadership opportunities including, prop master, master electrician, first hand, draper, scenic artist, master carpenter, technical director, etc. Those who qualify and wish to pursue design areas can be offered design positions within the production season. The curriculum requires students to become proficient in design and technology related to scenery, costumes, lighting and sound through specified coursework. Students then select one or two areas of specialization where their production assignments will focus in their junior and senior years, thus giving each student practical experience as they build their professional portfolios. The program culminates with a professional internship where students are able to apply their education in a real world work environment. While most students choose to enter the workforce following graduation, the BFA is an excellent degree for students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in theatre. Work within the BFA program requires energy and dedication; therefore, other part-time study or outside employment is very challenging. BFA standards are high, both for admission and for continuation in the program. Production assignments are regulated to serve the artistic growth of students thus coordinating production experience with class room exploration.

Admission Requirements

  • The departmental faculty evaluates students desiring to become BFA Design and Technology majors via portfolio reviews and interviews. This should be completed the academic year prior to attending UCF. For complete information visit the audition site online at All BFA students are accepted on a "Provisional" basis their first year. Faculty will evaluate their work and decide whether or not the student may continue the program at the end of the first year.
  • Students may audition once for each program and should do so during the same audition cycle if interested in more than one program. FTIC students who do not enroll at UCF and return after earning a FCS AA degree may audition a second time.
  • The Design and Technology plan of study requires a Fall start for proper course sequencing. Students are not accepted to begin theatre courses in the Spring or Summer semesters.

Degree Requirements

  • Students who change degree programs and select this major must adopt the most current catalog. Students must follow the most recent department, internship and school student handbooks which are available at
  • Students in this major must earn a "C" (2.0) or better or an "S" in each music or theatre course and maintain a 3.0 GPA for all courses required in the major and all courses taken in theatre; must not receive a negative evaluation in a regularly scheduled program review; and must not exhibit chronic unprofessional behavior. Failure to meet these standards will result in probation and/or dismissal from the program. Refer to the SPA Undergraduate Student Handbook- Theatre ( for details on program standards.
  • Departmental Residency Requirement consists of 60 semester hours of courses taken from the UCF Theatre Department.
  • All BFA Design and Technology majors are required to participate in Fall and Spring productions and must accept the production positions as assigned. Students must be registered for the appropriate Theatre Participation course in the term in which they participate. Students need not take additional hours to satisfy practicum requirements. Once students have completed their production participation requirements, they may register for a "0" credit participation course to meet departmental registration requirements if they choose. Students may use additional participation credits as electives.
  • The department will accept one credit of Theatre Participation coursework for students transferring into the program. Any additional transfer participation credits will count towards electives.
  • Internships are subject to departmental approval and may not be fulfilled through participating on a UCF theatre production.
  • Courses designated Common Program Prerequisites are usually completed in the first 60 hours.
  • Courses designated General Education Program are taken throughout all four years.
  • Co-op cannot be used in this major.

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

May 1
November 1
March 1
July 1
November 1
March 1
March 1
September 1
January 1

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