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Program at a Glance

College of Community Innovation and Education
Ed Ldrshp & Higher Education
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The Educational Leadership EdD program is designed to prepare educators for leadership positions at all levels of educational administration from PK-12 to higher education, as well as leadership positions in various educational agencies or organizations. As well, the program prepares students for positions in teaching and research. As a professional program, studies are flexible and diverse, allowing for individual needs to be met. While a thorough knowledge of the field of educational leadership is expected of all doctoral students, individuals will also gain expertise in at least one area of specialization. Specialization knowledge is obtained through course work, independent and directed studies, research, and field experiences. Educational Leadership doctoral programs are designed to broaden administrative knowledge and skills of practicing professionals.

The Higher Education track is appropriate for students who are committed to advancing their leadership capabilities in college and university settings. The Program of Study has been designed to broaden the administrative knowledge and skills of higher education professionals who bring to the program a prior discipline specialization. Students admitted to the program are typically employed in teaching, research and administrative positions in universities, colleges, community colleges and education related institutions and organizations. The Higher Education track requires completion of a dissertation.

The Executive track in Educational Leadership EdD. The Executive EdD is appropriate for students who are committed to advancing their leadership opportunities and capabilities in PK-12 and other organizational settings. Students admitted to the program are typically employed in teaching and administrative positions in elementary and secondary schools, as well as other educational agencies and organizations. Focus areas include: political and organizational theory, leadership, systems theory, planning and evaluation, school law and finance, data-based decision making, communications, instructional leadership, human resource management, program analysis and evaluation. Educational Leadership certification is not included in this program.

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