About the Initiative

UCF’s Faculty Cluster Initiative leverages our existing strengths and fosters the development of strong, interdisciplinary teams focused on solving today’s toughest scientific and societal challenges through teaching and research. In its inaugural year, the Faculty Cluster Initiative is adding 33 new faculty members in six select fields to advance UCF’s unique areas of excellence and global impact.


The strength of this initiative comes from faculty depth, the ability to translate this depth across disciplines and the collaboration of faculty and academic administrators in every college across the university.

Cyber Security and Privacy

Developing world-class scholarship on the security and privacy for the Internet of Things and creating tools and methods for preventing, discovering and mitigating security and privacy breaches, while cultivating highly skilled graduates for this growing field.

Energy Conversion and Propulsion

Creating a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research and education framework at UCF, in which catalyst synthesis, characterization and application proceed in tandem with theoretical modeling and simulation to generate the knowledge base essential for accelerating the discovery and application of novel catalysts for energy conversion, storage and propulsion.

Genomics and Bioinformatics

Creating a genomics and bioinformatics cluster that will advance UCF’s life sciences infrastructure, focusing on biodiversity, including in health-related research, and integrating genomics and bioinformatics into curricula at all levels.

Prosthetic Interfaces

Establishing a critical mass of dedicated faculty to enable a viable interdisciplinary biomedical engineering program at UCF with core competency in prosthetic interfaces for implantable devices and systems.

Renewable Energy Systems

Advancing UCF’s work in smart energy systems and sustainable energy storage while developing and deploying distributed renewable energy resources and resilient communication networks.

Sustainable Coastal Systems

Leading world-class efforts to understand ecosystem health and function and assessing natural and human-related impacts to coastal ecosystems, with the goal of creating decision-support models for planners, policymakers and stakeholders.

We’re Hiring

The Faculty Cluster Initiative is hiring in six select fields to advance UCF’s areas of excellence and global impact. We’re looking for leaders to help shape interdisciplinary research and teaching across the university.