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An Innovator in Online Learning

At UCF, students get the best possible education at a university that’s a leader in online learning. We’ve been doing online since the beginning — bringing more than 25 years of experience. It’s the same quality education, just virtually. From new technologies to course materials to faculty support, UCF provides students with all the tools needed to succeed in online learning.

We consider how students learn as much as what they learn. This ensures a meaningful learning environment that sets them on the path to success. And although not physically present in a classroom, learning doesn’t stop. Students still have class, participate in projects and coursework, talk with professors, as well as collaborate and connect with other classmates. Our students have adapted to these changes and continue to learn as much as they would on campus.

It’s not just taking learning and putting it online. We’re rethinking the entire college experience in the virtual world.

Online Programs

U.S. News & World Report ranks UCF as a top 10 best online bachelor’s program in the nation. We’re also ranked second in the state — a testament to the university’s drive for innovation.

Degree Completion

Taking a mix of course modalities accelerates students’ time to earn a degree. Undergraduate students who take roughly 40 percent of their courses online graduate in less than 4 years, compared with 4.3 years for those in only face-to-face courses.

Credit Hours

More students are learning online. In fact, 49.4 percent of UCF’s total student credit hours are online and blended modalities. Of those, 33 percent of UCF’s total student credit hours are fully online.

2019-2020 Academic Year

Accessible Education

Through distance learning, we’re able to serve students and make higher education accessible for students around the globe who will make a positive impact right in their communities for generations to come.

Online Teaching Awards

UCF has received 22 awards for excellence in online teaching from the Online Learning Consortium/Sloan Consortium — the leading professional association in online learning — which recognizes the quality of our online learning.

Faculty Development

To build an online course, UCF faculty receive 80 hours of training with instructional designers, and for faculty who want to teach online, the university provides 35 hours of training to ensure we’re utilizing the latest best practices.

Students have told us, time and time again, of this online learning environment, ‘You’re making education more convenient. You’re reducing the logistical demands for getting an education. You’re increasing my learning flexibility’ … We’re committed to that.”

— Charles Dziuban, director of UCF’s Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness

Pioneering Digital Solutions That Benefit Student Success

UCF’s innovation in online learning serves students when, where and how they learn best. Our student-centered approach ensures that all students of all backgrounds have access to quality higher education that’s both convenient and affordable. Each year, an increasing number of students are enhancing their educational experience by taking classes either fully online or through blended learning modalities.

Online education is more than about the quantity of programs or courses that are available. At UCF, we develop and deliver high-quality online courses that focus on experiential learning and follow best practices. From designing courses that are informed by research to leveraging emerging technologies, UCF continuously ensures that we’re adapting to the needs of students and setting them on the path to success.

Support Student Success

You play a vital role in making a difference. Every dollar amplifies UCF’s impact. Your generosity unlocks potential and inspires excellence. With your support, we can keep reaching for the stars.

High-Quality Digital Learning Experiences

We help our students succeed and our faculty teach in exciting new ways through the innovative use of technology with a focus on core components, including access and quality. Through affordable and convenient online courses, we are able to reach more students who make an impact right in their communities. Additionally, the quality of learning is similar to that of students who are in face-to-face courses which is exemplified in our student success rates.

Access: Online & Blended Impact

Online learning provides accessible high-quality education for everyone. Nearly 90 percent of all UCF students have taken at least one online course or blended course.

Quality: Student Success

Students who take fully online or blended courses have similar success rates as those in face-to-face courses. This is attributed to our high-quality learning experience, no matter where or how a student chooses to learn.

Investing in Faculty to Drive Student Success

Every year, faculty participate in development programs to ensure students receive the best possible education. This includes remote instruction training, which covers topics from how students receive assignments, communicate with their professor and classmates, find resources, and take exams. Faculty tailor their curriculum in a way that serves the diverse background of our students and their individual needs.

Staying updated on the latest techniques helps reduce barriers and promotes an online learning environment where all students can gain the knowledge and skills to achieve their dreams. Whether students are in the classroom, online or a mix of both, UCF continuously looks for ways to improve the student learning experience.

Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

Bringing Online Classes to Life

With the help of UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning, a Judaic studies professor was able to transport his online students to the Middle East — creating an immersive learning experience.

Online Teaching Skills

Explore what goes into creating a functional online course. This video covers topics ranging from instructional design to communication skills to digital literacy and other important skills.

Benefits of Distance Learning

A virtual learning experience provides students with the flexibility to learn when, where and how they want. More productive in the mornings? Start your day off on the right foot. Prefer taking your studies outdoors? Today’s looking bright. Students have access to courses and materials right at their fingertips — making learning online that much more convenient. Plus, with so many advancements in technology, coursework is still as fun and engaging as the classroom.

A Faster Path to Graduation

Distance learning also keeps students on track, or in some cases, puts them on a fast track to graduation. For transfer and graduate students, this can help go from classroom to workforce in as few as two years. On average, students who take more online classes graduate sooner.*

Transfer Student

  1. <20%
  2. 50%
  3. 100%

Master’s Student

  1. <20%
  2. 50% – 100%

*Graduation data representing the percentage of online courses a graduate or transfer student from a Florida College System institution takes throughout their degree program.

Distance Learning News

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A Pathway to Complete a Fully Online Degree

From application through graduation, UCF Online provides students with dedicated team to guide them every step of the way — serving as advocates to help them reach goals and set out to do big things. Having a support system in place not only helps students stay on track to graduate, but also connects them with various resources needed to succeed in school and life.

Learn more about UCF Online coaches

With more than 100 programs available fully online, UCF Online offers convenience and flexibility for those trying to balance school, work and life. Students have the ability to learn wherever they live and make a difference in their own communities.

UCF offers online degrees in healthcare, engineering, hospitality, leadership and management, criminal justice, education, among many others. From online bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs to professional certificates, UCF gives students the competitive edge to achieve their dreams.

Get the degree you want.

UCF has more than 240 degree programs in 13 colleges, plus a talented team of faculty and staff to help find what’s right for you. Whatever your passion, we’ll put you on the path to success.

Thirteen colleges. Unlimited possibilities.

At UCF, we offer an array of academic options for just about every interest. Check out our 240+ degree programs, award-winning faculty and groundbreaking research. You’ll quickly discover all there is to experience and learn at one of the nation’s most innovative universities.

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